Computer Telephony Integration: Things to Learn and Know About

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   Do you know what CTI meaning or the meaning of Computer Telephony Integration? In a simpler word, we can define computer telephony integration as a technology that allows the computer and the internet to interact with contemporary telephones. In fact, it is a powerful tool that will help a company to perform a better sales team, create an increased revenue and offers efficient customer service.

   This technology which is mainly used in call centers is able to enhance human productivity as well. You can give your team an improvement when you implement the numerous CTI functions into your internal business processes.

Getting to Know Some of the Computer Telephony Integration Functions

   Implementing the CTI technology is the best option you can give to your company. The CTI functions can help you boost your team for the best company goals.

Here are some of the CTI applications you can learn and make the best use of it:

Screen Popping

   A pop-up screen or some called it as a screen popping is one of the functions that CTI integration offers. This function will help the agent to get relevant information about the caller such as name, address, occupation, birth date, and more in an open dashboard. However, the detail and features of this particular function depending on the applications and CTI software integrated within the company’s system.

   Log call origin, authentication status, purchase history, support history, and IVR are among the many functions you can access from your CTI integrated system.

Phone Control

   Phone control or phone flexibility is the media through which you can make yourself accessible to the prospects, clients, and team without having always to be close to your mobile device or computer. It enables you to configure a “find you” system when you log off; making you are available for any help requests or queries. This will be your advantage, especially, when it comes to starting any business relationship and closing the deals. Keep in mind that clients tend to love an agent who is always ready for them,

Effective and Efficient Call Routing

   This CTI intelligent function helps you to be more approachable to the customer who calls you. Generally, a call can be routed based on call history, IVR options, demographics, earlier interactions, agent availability and specialization, customer’s home and work address and many more. This function will make the calling process runs well that offers satisfaction to both agent and customer.

Call Center Function

   Given that CTI is made in response to the requirements of the call center industry, no wonder that the top application of CTI is called center roles or functions. The key functions such as call barging, warm transfer, whisper coaching, automated caller authentication are what drive many call centers to choose to implement the CTI technology.

Voice Recording Integration

   VRI is a crucial thing in call center given that the integrity and quality of interactions are highly important. CTI application on VRI enables an agent to record and archive any voice call with the customer. The recordings are mostly used as a tool to improve the effectiveness of the team and reducing any liabilities.

   The VRI helps you to get the required textual data you can use as the source for making the assessment, doing the reporting or conduct training for an agent.

Enhanced Call Reporting Function

   This particular CTI technology enables you to assemble data into reports that will be beneficial for you to learn the big picture. Support requests, call traffics and inbound and outbound sales calls are among the many aspects of your business that you need to analyze.

   With the help of the CTI reporting function you will get historical data to acquire discernment on the effectiveness of the agent and team, the openings on supports and things to do about the issues. 

Benefits of Computer Telephony Integration within a Call Center Range

   Surely, there are many advantages that you can get from this particular CTI technology for your company or business – in this case, it is in the call center.

   The following are some of the previously mentioned benefits of CHI for a call center company:

Enable Agents to Make and Receive Calls from their computers

   The power of CTI enables every agent in the call center to make and receive calls as well as keeping tracks of the customer right from their computer with just one click of a mouse. Moreover, agents do not have to go back and forth between the desk phone and the call center software or even switch between programs to look for information while handling all calls.

   The advance of call control functionality is on their hand combined with all the required information when having a conversation with the clients. The readable user interfaces will definitely help the agents to save their time and effort. They will be able to handle clients with precision and more speed while focusing only on the task at hand instead of dealing with diverse programs. With a click on the unified dashboard, everything is visible and all recorded.

Enables Agents to Know the Caller before Receiving the Call

   One of the useful Computer Telephony Integration applications i.e. screen popping or pop-up screen enables agents in the call center to learn about the caller’s detail information. The caller’s name, phone number, image, email, company, and even their position within the company are among the information provided by the application.

   Thus, agents will know the best way to greet and professionally speak with the caller by the name. Given that the agent knows all the relevant information on the caller, this will help them to do their tasks in a more professional way. This application will also save a significant amount of the agent’s time in digging any needed information from multiple business tools and databases in order to get to know the caller.

Helps Authenticate the Caller

   Computer Telephony Integration application enables the automation of caller to authenticate done by comparing the phone number they use from integrated business tools and the company’s database information. Thus, the agents do not have to repeat the caller’s account information and personal information over and over again in order to get their account.

Provides A More Efficient and Effective Call Routing

   CTI enables IVR (Interactive Voice Response) skills-based routing, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), and other programs that are integrated into the company’s business tool and database. The agents will be more responsive in dealing with the clients.
Incoming calls can be routed according to:
  • The caller’s IVR selection
  • The caller’s work or home location
  • The caller’s demographics
  • Agent availability
  • Previous interaction with the company
  • The agent’s expertise skill and specializations
  • Day of the week and time of the day
  • And more.
   This way, the clients, which are also the caller will be more pleased with the services due to the agent’s capability in meeting their needs and speaks their language based on all the available comprehensive information. Such a situation is an advantage for both clients and the call center as well.

Provides a More Effective Data Monitoring

   Computer Telephony Integration will not only grant the clients and the agents with abundant benefits but also ease the call center job. CTI enables call recording, call monitoring, historical and real-time reporting that enables a manager to:
  • Follow the performance of an individual agent throughout the call
  • Give an assignment to the best-suited agent in order to solve a specific issue
  • Provide real-time assistance and help when an agent needs it
  • Monitor the performance of an individual agent or the whole team within a certain period of time
  • Learn customer satisfaction by observing their habits
  • Tracking any missed calls, waiting time, dropped calls to make any necessary enhancement on certain areas.   
   The accuracy of data is a great advantage for the managers in their decision-making process. They will also be able to cultivate some more effective CTI integration salesforce that will be useful for the whole team as well as for the customer.

Enhance Better Productivity and Collaboration

   A CTI system that is properly used will help the agents to save their time and effort throughout the call process. Agents will have the ability to hold the calls, queue them, transfer them and communicate with each other while handling a call.

   The Computer Telephony Integration system enables whisper coaching, video and conference calling as well as file transfers. This will help them build an interdepartmental collaboration that will make them create a cohesive unit. Solicit help from a coworker, and managers are the best solution from the CTI feature.

Offers a Lower Cost

   When a call center chooses to adopt a CTI integration, this means they leave the key systems telephones and PBX behind. We all agree that this hardware is pretty expensive, requires endless maintenance and soon become out-of-date.

   CTI is inexpensive in price, more easy to use, more flexible than the old system. What an agent need is a desktop computer, an installed CTI program and they will be able to do their tasks their best.

How to Establish the Most Suitable Computer Telephony Integration?

   We all agree that CTI makes the call center agent’s job becomes easier and simpler in many ways. Hopefully, this will also enhance the customer experience. The reduction of wait time and acceleration in providing resolution for every emerging issue has improved the call center service to the customer. It is the offered CTI technology features that make all of it possible.

   Without technology, call centers will likely suffer from customer’s bad perception. However, you need to remember that although the CTI system may be flexible, it will not suit each business just right. One needs to consider a number of tips prior to determining the best answer for his business such as follows:

Consider The Company’s Needs 

   Make sure that you look for the solution that meets your business requirements regarding its activity and size. Unearthing your company’s weaknesses and strengths, polling the customers and team as well as analyzing your process is the important thing to do to determine the aptest CTI system for your company.

   It is also important for you to choose a system that meets your current business, enhances its growth as well as can weighbridge along with the company’s growth. Stay tuned to every information from the providers and make the best of their free trials and promos.

Search for Support for Integration

   Determining the right integration with the CTI system is crucial for the performance of your company. Finding the best provider that offers any required integrations with the right tools to bring satisfaction to your customer is a must.

   You need to learn about their integration with CRM, survey templates, helpdesks, script builders and more for your best advantage. The right provider will help you perform your best function by interconnecting with other required services.

Make Your Success as Your Focus

   You need to recognize that your provider should share the same interest in your success as you do. Having the ability to provide your customers with every possible advantage will also benefit your business; thus, you need to make sure that your provider shares a similar investment. The best one will continue updating their system and offers you the tools you require proactively.

Consider to Get a Training

   Adopting a CTI technology will have your team to get to know and adjust to the new tool offered to enhance their work. Make sure that your chosen provider offers self-service tools and proper onboard training sessions on the particular CTI tool for your best advantage.

Always be There all through the Process

   Adopting a CTI system means leaving the traditional methods and starting the Computer telephony integration system that will take time and all effort from the whole team. The transition process may be delicate, as you need to succeed in all the emerging adjustment issues. However, your chosen provider will offer you great help with this transition.

   CTI system will not have you to run into many compatibilities issues and can be integrated to work different types of business systems you have.

   Learn the extent of the most suitable CTI functions available to you and build you’re your business system with your chosen computer telephony integration for your best outcome.

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