Discuss Thoroughly About Network Traffic Analysis

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   In a computer network, there needs to be an analysis or supervision of each of its components. This monitoring process will help to review and monitor the stability of functions and network performance.

   Network traffic analysis becomes a very important part when you have to establish a connection between one device and another. Network traffic analysis is certainly intended so that the connections between these devices can be established properly without any obstacles. Thus, data transfer or other information retrieval activities can run well and smoothly.

   Now, before you do the monitoring or analysis of a network traffic, it would be better if you read the reviews below. In this paper, we will present several discussions regarding network traffic analysis, such as how to choose the right network traffic analysis to find out which network traffic analysis system is used. So, happy reading!

What Is Meant By Network Traffic?

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   Network traffic is a collection of data that moves on a network at a certain time. This network traffic has a very important role because it is included in one of the main components used for bandwidth measurement and management, such as to control network traffic, manage security, or to operate the network in general.

   For an administrator or network expert, it is very important for them to always analyze network traffic. This network traffic analysis has the main objective to get a broader insight into network analysis or network packets that flow across a network. In addition, by doing this network traffic analysis we can find out the existence of dangerous packages, suspicious traffic, to know the speed in uploading and downloading files.

Benefits Of Network Traffic Analysis

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   If we look at the role of network traffic analysis, there will be many benefits from network traffic analysis, including:
  1. Can see all network traffic activity on each device.
  2. Can keep the network security system stable and efficient.
  3. Reducing the risk of data theft or sabotage.
  4. Security threats and strange or malicious behavior in the network can be detected and investigated early.
  5. You will get recommendations for what to do if something unexpected happens.
Types Of Network Traffic

   Network traffic analysis is classified into several types, including:

  1. Latency-sensitive traffic is the competition for bandwidth so the reciprocity that occurs on the network is quite bad.
  2. Busy/heavy traffic that is the use of very high bandwidth that is being used.
  3. Interactive traffic is the absence of application priorities and unspecified traffic, so there is competition for bandwidth and resulting in poor network.
   Well, here are the three types of problems caused by interference with network traffic. Therefore it is important for us to do an analysis of network traffic so as not to interfere with ongoing connections.

How Do You Do The Right Network Traffic Analysis?

   The following will be presented tips and tricks on how to analyze network traffic, including:
  1. Choose The Right Type Of Network Monitoring Tools
    The first tip is to choose the right type of network monitoring tools and in accordance with what you need. This network monitoring tool is an intermediary and also as a main component so you can analyze network traffic. As reviewed in the previous article, this network monitoring tool is very diverse, and each of each type has advantages and disadvantages. So, make sure you choose the appropriate network monitoring tools.

  2. Associate Data With A Username

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    Now, next is to connect the data with the user name or user name that is used. This username will be information that unites the activities carried out and the network device. Thus, you can monitor anyone who is active on the network.

  3. Check The Network Traffic History
    Yes, with this track record or history, we can see what events or activities are happening. Because real time alone is not enough to identify. Of course this activity is also very helpful in finding problems that occur on a particular device.
Network Traffic Analysis Work System

   In analyzing network traffic, installation is not required to be connected to each computer, but only through the core switches and monitor ports on the network, then the device will work to see all the traffic then without exception.

   More clearly, an analysis of network traffic will begin when the server or main device is connected to the current or existing network conduct data transactions. Then, the administrator will open the portal that is needed, so that all data can be accessed and analyzed in real time. If you can provide far more data, then you can do network traffic analysis in depth and earlier. So that if the spread of suspicious data such as malware and the threat of digital attacks can be prevented first.

   Network traffic analysis will also monitor activities between the endpoint and the server. In this way, the source of any endpoints responsible for cyber attacks can be directly identified. In fact, this virtual attack can also be identified long ago. This is because each attack requires stages to prepare for the attack, so that at that time the attack activity can be read in detail and at the next stage the device will carry out localization. Thus, network traffic can be identified early.

Who Needs Network Traffic Analysis?

   Well, usually the most need of network traffic analysis is a company, good for small companies, medium companies or large companies. This is because a company not only handles a lot of data, but also related to the dissemination of its data, both data that comes in or out because of the company's needs or also because of work interactions with other companies.

   Data flow on companies usually contains inventory figures, financial information, videos, images, or other unstructured data that is spread through social media, cellular, or the internet. Therefore, all of these various types of data need to be centralized, regulated, and made so that they can be accessed and used for business but their security is protected from digital crime.

   Companies that need network traffic analysis are usually also often used by infrastructure such as power plants, transmission companies, oil and gas processing, factories, airports, to shipping services. And the most important are government agencies whose data are completely confidential and must be secured. So, with the increasingly sophisticated technology and the combination of artificial intelligence created, network traffic analysis can work optimally in maintaining data security from digital attacks.

Network Traffic Analysis Software

   Furthermore, below will also present some software commonly used by administrators to conduct network traffic analysis, including:
  1. Microsoft network monitor, is one of the software or applications that can be used to analyze data packets that can pass capture, view, and network traffic analysis. In addition, the main features of this application support more than 300 public protocols simultaneously.

  2. Nagios, the application that helps administrators to ensure that the main system, applications, and services will always be up and running. One feature is notification (alerting), event handling, and reporting. In this application you can also implement plugins that can help to monitor services, applications, metrics and choose fronted. If the Nagios application is able to monitor the status and condition of specific hosts and services, then the application can also start to provide an overview related to the condition of the network system on your device.

  3. GFI LanGuard, is also an application that can manage networks, both small and large networks, looking for weaknesses in application security, especially in applications that have not been licensed. The information obtained can be from more than 60,000 devices, and will be displayed on a centralized website. Thus you can see the overall network status wherever and whenever.

  4. OpenNMS, is an application for network traffic analysis based on open source but enterprise class. This application offers features such as automatic discovery, event management and notifications, performance measurement, and service guarantees. This application is very supportive for users of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices, so you can check your network anywhere. The device identification report will be presented in a PDF file or sent by email.

  5. Capsa Free, this application can also analyze network traffic, solve problems and issues on the network, and analyze data packets. Its features are quite comprehensive, ranging from the creation and customization of protocols, email and autosave monitors, modified reports, and dashboards.

  6. Fiddler, and next is an idebtufication and remove errors application that can monitor network traffic on selected devices. This application is able to detect data transfers in any form, both incoming and outgoing data. This application is able to provide enough detailed information related to the problem of disruption in network traffic.

  7. NetworkMiner, this application can also monitor data packet usage on the network, detect data types, and extract files and images. Thus this activity will facilitate the reconstruction process for network users. In addition, NetworkMiner is also able to detect hostname conditions, operating systems, and open ports on the host.

  8. Pandora FMS, this application is software that monitors the performance, network and presence of this network can help expedite the running of applications, servers, or devices that you use. This application also has many additional features, such as notifications if there are problems that occur, both from one source or from several different sources.

  9. Network Monitor of PRTG, is an application that is also used to monitor network traffic, such as network usage on several protocols. In addition, the PRTG application is also quite compatible for use on iOS or Android. Here are the main features:


    • Comprehensive Network Monitoring, this feature provides 170 diverse sensor types, even more sensors are used to help the process of monitoring applications, virtual servers, SLAs, and QoS.
    • Notice Alert, this notification alarm will appear if there are interruptions or problems with data usage limits, network status or conditions that are obstructed, or other warnings.
    • In-Depth Reporting, namely the ability to create reports in HTML and PDF formats, create scheduled reports, custom reports, and report templates.

  10. The Dude, the application that can automatically monitor various devices and provide notifications if there are problems. It also can provide an overview of the network map layout on your device.

  11. Total Network Monitor, an application that will monitor hosts and services on an ongoing basis on the local network, as well as send notifications regarding issues that require detailed follow-up.

  12. NetXMS, is a multiplatform application management system that can monitor every event, performance, alerting, reporting reporting in graphical form. The features in this application support various operating systems and database engines. In addition, network monitoring will be distributed evenly.

  13. WirelessNetView, is a lightweight application used to monitor detected wireless network activity and display SSID information, signal quality, Channel number, MAC address, Ciphter Algorithm, etc. This application will also automatically make all the list of detected WiFi networks and provide relevant information.

  14. WiFi Inspector, this application can also be used to search for WiFi networks, manage connections and troubleshoot, verify WiFi coverage, provide device location info, and access point detection. In addition, this application is also equipped with features to test network speed and quality.

  15. 1Apple IP Scanner, this is one application that provides key features in the form of an IP address and port scanner. Typically, this application is used to find active hosts and look for information related to MAC addresses, open ports, host names, ping times, etc.
   Some software that facilitates network traffic analysis activities certainly have advantages and disadvantages of each. In addition there are also main features that are featured by each application, so you can choose what type of application is appropriate and suits the needs of your individual or company.

   So, the following is a complete description related to network traffic analysis. This material will be very useful for those of you who want to be able to manage the network properly, because problems or disruptions on the network will certainly often be encountered. So, as a form of anticipation, the software was created to avoid the disruption that occurred. So, if you get questions about network traffic related problems, you can ask via the comments column below. May be useful

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