How To Optimize The Laptop Perform Well?

   In case, we find some troubles while we get slow responding to our laptop. We know that our computer or laptop is an important tool to finish our worksheet to documents. To solve the slow responding, we should optimize the laptop perform well as the information below.
  1. Let’s Inactivate The Program In A Startup!
    The slow responding response can be caused by the running process of a startup program. We can treat this trouble with some steps:
    • Press the button Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager.
    • Then Klik Tab startup we see the application listing that runs automatically.
    • We can choose the application that we want to inactivate. Let’s click on the right mouse then we should click disable that is not needed for use.

  2. Inactivation Animation And Effect
    To solve the problem of slow responding, we have to follow this procedure as below:
    • We can click the right button on the start menu then we can choose and click System.
    • Then we can direct our mouse and click on Advanced System Settings.
    • Our mouse in the advanced area and choose Performance Settings.
    • The last, we can click Visual Effect and Custom or Adjust the best performance manually.

  3. We Can Uninstall Our Bloatware
    This the next step to uninstall our bloatware on a laptop. Those you can use this procedure step such as:
    • In the start menu area, we can right-click the button and click Control Panel.
    • Choose and Click the programs then Click Programs and Features.
    • Next, you can change with uninstalling or change to delete bloatware that doesn’t need for us.

  4. Using Monitor Performance
    We know that we have ten tools in Windows and we can optimize monitor performance with the steps are the follows:
    • We should in the Start menu, then you can type to click Performance Monitor.
    • Then you can choose and click Report > System > System Diagnostics.

  5. Turn On The Activate From Mode Hibernate
    Based on the operational system, hibernate has the function to save all the memories in our laptop. We can save anything within all the work program on a laptop while our laptop turns off. We can back restart the setting up with some steps as the following:
    • Press Windows Key + i and choose the System.
    • Then we can choose Power & Sleep > Additional power setting > Power Option.
    • Click in the direction of what the power buttons do.
    • Then we can click change settings that are currently available.
    • In the last step, you can choose the hibernate option.

  6. Inactivation Search Indexing
    In the last optimize the laptop perform, you can follow these procedures
    • We should right-click and choose Computer Management.
    • Twice on click in Services and Application > Services.
    • Finding Windows Search and click it in twice.
    • Click startup type> click disable or manual feature.
   To give a maximum performance computer or laptop, we can follow those steps. Besides, performance computer or laptop is an important way to avoid slow responding in our computer program.

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