Human Will Be Eliminated With This Developing Sophisticated Technology

   In this era of Industri 4.0, we should know that most of the people will eliminate. In case, many people will be changed with some sophisticated technology. Next, it is information about many kinds of technologies that can replace human tasks.

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  1. Brilliant Washing Machine-Laundroid
    Laundroid is a washer robot that is developed in Japan. It has the function to wash all kinds of clothes. Laundroid is very different from the other washing machines. It has a special function, for example identifying about what specific clothes will be washed. Laundroid identifying it with the sensor. Besides, Laundroid can fold the clothes neatly.

  2. Mind Reader-A Computer Product
    In developing sophisticated technology, mind reader is a part of the computer. It is a product from IBM. It has the function to make the interaction between computer and human in mind reader. How to use it? The people should use a headset that can transfer a signal from the brain into the computer. Therefore, most people can operate the computer system without their hands, but their minds.

  3. Sophisticated – Small Memory And Big Capacity
    It is a very small memory because it has 10-9 meters. It can make the manipulation of particles as much as an atom. Within this nanotechnology, people can create new materials as particles. It can be used for anything. Within Nanotechnology, people can create a very small computer with the memories till billion gigabytes. It can make people easy to save all the documents in the little memories as two fingers.

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  5. Quantum Computer
    This idea is discovered by a physician. Its computers can make accountability processing. If we want to make the simulator of quantum physics. Based on developing sophisticated technology, many scientists make research to make logically and algorithms with the system to develop Quantum Computers. Therefore, they can make a research.

  6. This computer has measuring tools for using quantum mechanical phenomena. Besides, this computer use in the bank, business and medical. Besides, this computer also has the benefit to predict the phenomena of climate that will happen. It can be concluded that Quantum computers useful for all aspects.

  7. Hologram Phone
    We know that hologram technology in many movies, such as in Star Wars. This technology can be implemented in the real world. The meaning of hologram is 3D communication. Using a hologram, we can communicate with other people in different places and distances. In this communication way, we can speak with someone like face to face seat people. In the many countries of Europe regional try to release this hologram to develop their sophisticated technology.

    Therefore, we know that sophisticated technology is an important way to face business competition in Industry 4.0. That the reason why we should make innovation and new ideas to make a business in the digital aspect.
   Are you want to make a new technology in the future era? Maybe you can make an innovation to make a future product, so we should change from consumer to producer.

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