Introducing Minicomputers Types That Should Be Known

   Nowadays, many people need flexible and simple technology. They have many activities anywhere and anytime. That reason why minicomputers are needed by someone in this era. Therefore, you should know many kinds of mini computers types as below:

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  1. Minicomputer Of Vensmile iPC002
    It is a kind of mini PC that has a super tinny performance. The thin of Vensmile iPC002 is 10 millimeters. It is very practical because we don’t need an electric socket to switch on it and it only needs a battery. Therefore, the specification of Vensmile iPC002:
    • This dimension is 151mm x 90mm x 10mm.
    • It also has 2 GB of this memory.
    • The kind of processor is intel atom Z3735F Quad-core.
    • This capacity of storage is 32 GB eMMC.
    • It uses OS Windows 8,1 with Bing.

  2. Zotac ZBOX PI320
    It is a very small PC, so we can bring it in our pocket while we go everywhere. It also provided a micro SD slot to make the memories much more. Thus, the specification of Zotac ZBOX P1320b are the following:
    • It has dimension as big as 71mm x 71 mm x 23mm.
    • The processor of this PC is Intel Atom quad-core.
    • It has 2 GB of this memory.
    • The capacity of this storage is 32 GB eMMC.
    • It using OS: Windows 8,1 programs.

  3. Minix NEO Z64
    It is an important mini PC to change the function of our TV to be a simple computer. Besides, you can watch the video with 1080HD. In this minicomputer type, we describe the specification of these PC characteristics such as:
    • It has the Intel Z3735F Processor within 64 bit.
    • It has 2 GB memory.
    • This PC also has the capacity of storage as much as 32 GB eMMC.
    • Besides, it also uses OS Windows 8,1 with Bing in 32 bit.

  4. Mini Computer Type In Intel Compute Stick
    We can transform the screen of our television into the quad-core screen. Intel Compute Stick use quad-core processor. This minicomputer has a Micro SD slot for the external memory. We should know the characteristics of this mini PC types as below:
    • It has the dimension as big as 103 mm x 37 mm x 12 mm.
    • This processor has a kind of Intel Atom Processor Z3735F.
    • It also has the storage 32 GB eMMC.
    • There are consist of two kinds of memories such as 2 GB in Windows and 1 GB in Ubuntu.
    • It uses the program of Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 Operational Systems.

  5. The Last Minicomputer Is Hannspree
    There is some specification of Hannspree such as:
    • The operational system is Windows 8,1 but this system has not installed.
    • The storage capacity is 32 GB eMMC.
    • The dimension of this minicomputer is 110,9 mm x 38 mm x 9,8 mm.
          Those five of the minicomputer types that can be known by us.

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