Is Computer Science a Good Major? Let's Find the Answer


   It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been exposed to anything digital, you might still end up wondering, “Is Computer Science a Good Major?”. Nothing easy in deciding a very specific subject to be pursued with, especially as a young adult. However, there are a lot of appealing things in computer science that makes it worth to be considered further.

   As a degree, computer science itself is a bit intimidating if you look at how fast it has improved the world in limitless ways. On the other side, it comes with a massive complexity in getting round out with the skills. In this article, you will go through a plethora of insights on why computer science is notoriously on top among other choices.

Computer Science in a Nutshell

   No more than three decades ago, the first Windows computer was introduced to the market. Since time, life can never go back and the world is run in always changing and adapting tech.  At the same time, computer science at its root has transformed as the fastest expanding field.

   If you ever dream to get employed in those unicorn startups, then you know the worth. It is easily predicted that jobs in technology will be always in high demand. In parallel to this, those who are highly-skilled in computer science is taking the lead and shaping the norms.

   If you want to know what is computer science major, it’s wise to mention first about programming. You’ll get to learn a lot of programming languages and decipher the coding methods. Nevertheless, it provokes you to better understand the logic behind the codes and why it works that way.

   Not only you will drag into the flow of mastering hard skills, but computer science will also escalate your soft skills to survive in this 4.0 industrial revolution era. This major has been linked with beyond average qualities in critical thinking and problem-solving. Literally, you can possibly be the game-changer.

   To sum up computer science in 3 words; it’s all about adaptability, innovation, and creativity. If you think you have it all, then you might enroll in computer science. Nevertheless, in 2020 the industry needs 20% more graduates in the major.

Computer Science Eases Everyday Lives

   If you’re looking for an evidence-based answer to whether computer science is good or not, you’d better look into your lives. You’re most likely using a smartphone or laptop while scrolling down this article, yes accessing information is now one click away. You might also no longer bother with the queue in the nearest office bank as any transaction can be done through internet banking.

   These are just a few snaps on how computer science makes our life more comfortable and efficient. When you think about impacts, computer science has a huge influence that forever changes the way we run our day-to-day tasks. You will feel how tremendous it is when you give a try to a digital detox, even only for a short amount of time.

   If you want to improve our future lives in a tech-savvy way, then you know which major to go. It takes a lot of willpower and passion to thrive in computer science. However, you will stumble upon endless opportunities to develop a new tech that will make our life hassle-free.

   Furthermore, the industries constantly rely so much on big data and software that helps in the inevitable shift to automation. There is no magic, it all happened due to all the excellent works of those computer guys. Are you aspiring to be one of them?

Computer Science Makes You an Agile Learner

   There’s no quick fix in learning both hard and soft skills. It takes a lot of trial and error in the process. Especially in doing the most three major focus of computer science: programming, information technology, and computer engineering.

   You might have heard a lot about programming and how it gives life into every new apps and website released.  Programming is basically an art of how to speak to a computer. To be more interesting,  it is in a constant high demand no matter the industry is.

   If you’re more into an observer, then information technology might be your cup of tea. It’s all about overseeing networks and the flow of data and information. No doubt that all of the students enrolling in computer science program must have a strong foundation in IT.

   While dominantly handling, designing, and maintaining the hardware, computer engineering is the thing that keeps the system works. It takes your problem-solving skill into a whole new level. This field not only focuses on getting things to work but how to integrate it into the larger picture.

   So, how’s it going now? Does it make computer science more appealing to you or will it be a huge challenge to tackle? However, there are two roads you can travel: self-taught or enroll in an academic program.

   If you’re an agile and self-driven learner, you’re so lucky to be here. The good thing is that you can find a lot of available online resources to explore the subject by yourself and test the water. Jump into the online communities, audiobooks, or even 12-week boot camps.

   But if you’re looking for more guidance from professors, the network provided by the formal education system, and also a blended curriculum, then you can apply to a bonafide computer science program offered by a university nearby.

   Choosing this major means investing your time and energy to earn a highly transferable skill. You’ll get yourself improve in critical thinking and problem solving as you’re debugging a program or developing a new preemptive action to never let hacker ruins your system.

   Another aspect you will develop is your analytical thinking as you’ll get more and more familiar with big data and algorithms. Remember that a key to a useful recommendation is when you get the patterns and trends. Artificial intelligence is definitely brilliant and intriguing at the same time.

Leads to a Great Career Path

   What so good about computer science majors is how possible it is to embrace a lucrative career in the industry. Once you know your specialization, even it will make a greater turnout. So let’s figure out what kind of famous specializations available in this field.

Web Developer

   It takes more than creativity to set up and maintain a website.  You can focus on being a Front-End Developer, Back-End Engineering, or go for both as a Full Stack. You might start in developing a simple website for a local business, then paving an incredible achievement in building up a complex website for an emerging start-up.

Finance Programmer

   Banking transactions are taking an immense role today, making a finance programmer is one of the most popular jobs available. Yes, it can be stressful and there’s a risk of getting a burn out to deal with such an intense changing every day. If you can cope with it, then you go for it.

Game Developer

   Do you know that currently there are approximately 1.5 billion people playing games all over the world? Say yes to accept the challenge to be a game developer and adds a new fuel in the system. This field is overly complex and takes advanced mathematical skills. So be prepared.

IT Security

   The ease and efficiency brought by the digital era come with a huge cost that takes a toll on the system. Here’s why the world needs more people to tackle cyber threats. This role will be greatly needed by big companies and also by state governments.

Cloud Computing

   Who doesn’t like the idea of saving data with much lower costs and can be accessed anywhere? Send your warm greetings to cloud computing. This tech has officially changed the game in storing data and seems to never get old

Exploring Limitless Possibilities

   Aside from those 5 challenging specializations, you still have a few other options that will always be needed by the industry. As one with a proper skill in what is computer science major like, you’re most likely will be demanded to develop software. It can be software for application or a system, where you need to analyze people’s needs and filling the gap by offering a new solution.

   Another place for a problem solver is to be a system engineer. Your daily job description will require you to solve a network, application, and system administration issue. You might work closely with a system administrator that will ensure all users don’t face any trouble.

   If you’re a big fan of growth then there’s a position called business intelligence analyst. Computer science apparently makes it extremely possible to provide market insights and create recommendations through research and reports. This will be rewarding to figure out trends and patterns then use it as a base to step ahead.

   Don’t get enough? Sure, there are still a lot of things you can do as a computer science guy. You can never go wrong with developing mobile apps that help people feel better.

   If you like it, you can join a digital agency and exploring fun on the other side. You might have a side hustle and handle multiple projects, or simply choosing to embark on a new journey on a corporate ladder. In the future, you can be a team leader for an engineering department.

   Majoring in computer science will guarantee you an opportunity to start your own company and run a business in your own terms. Entrepreneurship is definitely the way.  

The Perks and The Challenge

   Now you might have learned that computer science might open you a door to step into big industries. Of course, you will also get hired with a relatively higher salary compared to other jobs in the same entry-level. Another perk that makes it even more versatile is how easy it is to apply your skills to many other areas in your professional life.

   Working in the tech industry, you will be exposed to the opportunity of working from anywhere you like. Working remote will enhance your life-work balance and even makes you more productive. No time wasted to commute or get trapped in traffic.

   As a young adult who chooses the field, your cup runneth over. You can make so much in the industry as right now there is still a huge shortage of specialists. No wonder that you have great bargaining power.

   Though this all will be worth to be pursued for, it all comes with an uneasy process. Is computer science a hard major? Exactly, it even can be extremely difficult that so many people decided to quit.

   So here’s one of the best advice that you can take when you’re considering computer science as your major: only jump into it when you know you’re passionate about it. Never pursue any major just because of the external validations, because your career and well-being might suffer.

   Just like the other technical field, computer science will feel amazing only to those who put their heart into it. Passion can’t be deceiving, and it can be an abundant source of driving power as you’re meandering into the ups and downs, the trial and error, the tried and true, and so on.

   Another thing to be considered is whether you’re comfortable with mathematics, problem-solving, attention to detail, and analytical skills. When you have strong interests in those areas, then sure computer science is your cup of tea and you’ll achieve a pinnacle.

Is it Really that Good?

   If you look through what you will learn, how the skills will fit into modern society’s life, and the opportunity it brings to give you a comfortable life, then the answer is yes.

   If you want to invest your time and energy to be knowledgeable in the dynamic IT world, then landing yourself in a prestigious tech company, then you should stop questioning. Is computer science a good major? It’s apparently more than that.

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