Knowing Five Trending Technologies To Support Business in 2020

   To make a support business for Industry 4.0, we should need trending technologies in 2020. In this article, we inform you about the technologies that can support a business in 2020. Let’s see the kinds of technology in 2020, such as:

  1. Big Data And Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    It the brain part of the technology. Nowadays AI is used in all the business aspects, such as chatbot features into transcription services. It is utilizing practical in Industry, for example, law firm, medical, manufacture, education, and other business aspects. AI is easy to be adopted because it uses deep learning methods and machine learning. It can be used for small into big business.

    Besides, Big Data has the function as a big data quantities, so it’s useful for a business decision. AI and Big Data can be applied for a kind of business that can give better transformation to the public.

  2. Connecting The Others With The Internet Of Things (IoT)
    IoT is a kind of technology for connecting with others. Digital transformation needs this technology, such as some industries. Industry 4.0 is the description of an Intelligent Transportation System that uses the Internet of Things as this enabler.

    These trending technologies influence much modern business and it will be increased in the future era. It has implemented in many businesses online in other countries, such as Echo, Google Assistant, Amazon, Alexa, Echo, E-Bay, and other e-commerce. Therefore, it makes people easy to connect to consumers and companies.

  3. The Combination Of Finance And Technology (Fintech)
    Fintech is the collaboration between the development of technology and the finance system. It helps many startups to build the innovation of finance products that are different from conventional banking. Besides, fintech is a good example of other industries.

    It is not only payment remittance but also making other services such as remittance, insurance, regtech, analytics, crypto, blockchain, and others. Fintech provides a fast response within using Big Data, algorithm systems, and online processes. Lending process fastly can be done by finance staff and customers without face to face.

  4. The Combination Of Health Service And Technology (Health Tech)
    The prediction of good developing startup vertical in the future is health tech. Based on the report from Gallen Growth Asia, the services of health tech start from the investment category until the distribution into Asian Pacific. This reason why healthy aspects become a big project for many startup level developers.

  5. Cloud Computing System
    For software developers, cloud computing is an important topic. Cloud computing has qualities in many aspects such as portabilities, maintain securities, and capabilities. It has a flexible payment that is called Pay As You Use that is paid depending on the utility. It usually used by some companies for many businesses operational.
   Cloud computing provides the efficiency cost. It can minimize buying maintain and hardware. We should know about how the capabilities and necessities.

   Based on the kind of technologies above, we should take a good preparation to face the Industry 4.0 era.

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