Tips And Tricks To Speed Up Android Smartphone Performance

Smartphone performance or performance is likely to decrease after a period of usage. This can happen for any smartphone brand. Every condition of electronic goods must have a productive period. This condition is normal for flagship and standard series smartphones. Smartphone performance that starts to slow down can occur due to viruses, excessive multi-tasking programs, too many programs installed, and low memory space. Some tips can be applied to make smartphone performance to be smooth again. Here are some tips and tricks:

1. Update Operating System and Supporting Software

The operating system is the most important part of a smartphone's existence. The use of the latest operating system is possible to get problematic software problems. Developers from smartphone manufacturers will usually automatically notify when there are updates to the latest operating system. However, when you turn off the notification or miss the notification, you can check it manually. You simply access the settings section and select the "about device" menu section, then select software update.

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When there is a recent update from the developer, the operating system and additional features will automatically be updated to the latest version. Not all developers have periodic updates. Operating system updates and additional software can occur at random times. Things you need to pay attention to, sometimes not all updates will be given in all series of phones that are released on the market by the manufacturer. Updates are sometimes only intended for a few smartphone series. However, make sure you always use the latest operating system and software versions to keep your smartphone's performance up to date.

2. Uninstall Uncommon Or Never Used Applications

Who often install various applications but are not needed should be avoided. The installed application will fill the smartphone processing room. The existence of the application will burden the performance of the smartphone. You should uninstall applications that you don't use. However, if there are applications that you sometimes still use, you can choose to deactivate the application so that it doesn't use a lot of RAM in the process. You can find it in the Settings menu to adjust applications that you rarely use. You can disable the applications that you want.

3. Clean The Home Screen

The main screen of a smartphone is often filled with various application shortcuts, whether recently installed applications or frequently used applications. Clean application shortcuts that are not to support the main activity.

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4. Avoid Using "Live Wallpaper"

Should only use static wallpapers to speed up smartphone performance. When you choose to use a live wallpaper or animated wallpaper, your memory consumption will be far more to run it.

5. Clean The Application Cache Periodically

The application will store cached data so that when opened again it can glide quickly. The longer, the cached data can accumulate and consume a lot of memory, thus making the performance of mobile phones slow down. So that smartphone performance remains stable, clear the cache of each application regularly. You can enter the Settings menu and search for each installed application and select the "clear cache" section. You can also use a third application to clear the cache.

6. Turn Off Auto-Sync

Smartphone users with multiple accounts are usually in automatic settings that auto-sync is on. Auto-sync aims to make the application automatically pull the latest data within a certain time duration. Auto-sync makes the smartphone have to work harder at certain times. You can choose to turn off auto-sync on supporting applications and applications that are considered not important applications.

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