Understanding The History Of Smartphone In Developing Era

   Most people have a smartphone in 2019. They can do anything with many applications on their smartphones. We should know that the type of smartphone has changed in the developing era. Therefore, this information explains the history of smartphones in the developing era.
  1. The Smartphone Concept In The Beginning Era
    The first smartphone concept is created in the middle of the 70th era. However, it has formed after 20 years later. The concept is IBM which is launching in Simon Personal Communicator in 1992. This smartphone concept can send the facsimile and email within the monochrome touch screen. In weakness, we should charge it after an hour using it.

    Next, Nokia 9000 Communicator has a navigation button in keyboard qwerty. It has capabilities such as facsimile, email, word processing, worksheet, and internet browsing. Besides, it has memories in 8 MB withinIntel CPU 24 Mhz i386. In 1997, Erricson launches GS88 type.

  2.  From The Enterprise Market To The Consumer Goals
    After the trade of smartphones is a purpose of the enterprise aspect, it changes the purpose goals for the consumer. It has some operational systems, such as Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Plam Os and Symbian. All of the applications are connected to the internet system, so it can change the lifestyle of people to use this type.

  3. The New Launching Of iPhone
    In 2007, mobile enterprises launch Apple brand in the iPhone style. The company enterprises from Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, has an idea to combine the multimedia function from browsing, email, and multimedia in one smartphone. Besides, it also introduces a simple program but it still modern, for example, iOS and OS. iPhone just has one button in the screen. After the launching of the iPhone, it has Windows Mobile, for example, Touch Pro and HTC Touch.

  4. Android
    In the next era after the iPhone, HTC makes a partnership with T-Mobile to launch the first smartphone Android, which has a popular name in G1. The competition iPhone among Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS are running while the appears of the smartphone, for example, iOS, HD 2m Samsung Omnia II, HTC Touch Pro 2 that is supported in OS Windows Mobile.

    However, Android competes with the other smartphone, for example, Motorola Cliq, Samsung Galaxy, Droid that has launched in 2009. After the developing of Android in this era, it was followed the enterprise's marketing in the other OS product, so it powered by two big applications, such as Android and iOS with the touch screen system.

  5. The New Smartphone Concept
    Most of the smartphone concept has similar specifics and design. All of the smartphone concepts has competition from camera features. lt has a different kind of resolution camera. Also, the enterprises of smartphones improve the capacities of memory. We can see the other smartphone feature in the qualities of design, capacities, the power of the battery, the speaker and the completion of the application.
   In the other product, mobile enterprises usually provide important accessories, for example, fit band, wearable, smartwatch, and other tools.

   In the future era, probably, we find a smartphone feature in the newest system such as the wireless, design and operation functional aspect. Let’s follow the developing of smartphone for our lifestyle!

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