Visiting The Sophisticated Websites That We Want

   Sophisticated websites are the main of the amazing website. That website usually explains how to improve some technologies perform for your computer or smartphone. Let’s see some kinds of websites as the below
  1. Adobe Kuler
    It is a website application from adobe products. That has the function to find some coloring options. It is suitable for us if we get a job related to graphic designers, animators, game makers or others. We can match a kind of color to another, so we should find matching colors. It was suitable for us who has a hobby in design visual aspect.

  2. A connection Blender-IF This Then That
    We know that we find some applications and social media in many programs. IFTT or IF This Then That will help us to make connecting trans applications. we can take some cases, for example, we want to take a picture that will be upload on our Instagram then that picture is saved in Dropbox automatically. We can connect with other applications or websites.

  3. Sending Our Email In Big Capacities With We Transfer
    One of the sophisticated websites is We Transfer. After you open the website of We Transfer, we can transfer the file into 2 GB. Thus, we can send a music, film and documenter video to the other account. As we know, we can transfer files by email to 25 MB in the attachment file. We can try to use it if the connecting wifi well.

  4. Create Unique Fonts With What The Font
    If we want to create a unique font style like in the poster advertisement, we can visit What The Font. It’s a good way to make a brand for your product. We also can make a poster or advertisement with this website. It provides some of the font styles that are similars within another brand, so it has many styles of fonts that you want.

  5. Making An Instant Comic With Strip Creator
    It is an example of a creative website because we can create a simple comic with this website. If we have an idea to create a comic but we can not draw a picture, this website is a good solution for you. It provides some templates and characters. We can choose some characters to make a comic strip. We can use it easily because this website also provides some panels. We can find Strip Creator on our websites.

  6. I Ruler-A Digital Ruler
    The next creative website is a digital ruler. We can visit I Ruler website then we can upload the images from your documents. After upload our images, we can see the real size of the images. It is suitable for us who want to buy some items in online shops, for example, we want to buy a bag in an online shop. We will see how the real size a bag within this rule.
   After we know that many sophisticated websites, we can create anything with using it. Therefore, we can make anything easy by those websites.

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