10 Adsense Tips and Tricks for Increase Your Revenue

   Adsense is an advertising program from Google that leverages internet media. Not only does it help promote a product or service, but AdSense also allows bloggers to earn extra income from blogs or web that contains advertisements. There are 10 AdSense tips and tricks to help you make more money from Google.

  1. Create a Quality Blog or Web Content
    Quality blog or Web Content is essential to increase your traffic visitors. Advertisers will be interested in your blog or website if the content that is discussed quality with many visitor numbers.The content is already qualified, but you do not post regularly, of course, it will make the visitor number decrease. In other words, you need to be painstaking in writing content on your blog or web. Good content will guarantee an increase in earnings from Google Adsense.

  2. Ad Size
    The design of a Web or blog view must be interesting to invite many visitors. Ad size is one of the things that affect the look of your web or blog. If the size of the ad does not adjust to the display size on your phone, then a visitor will not see your ad.Will eventually affect the number of your ad clicks. The most widely used ad sizes include 336x280, 320x100, 720x90, 160x600. There are several opinions. If the size of the ad gets bigger, it will give many visitor opportunities to click.

  3. Text and Image-Based Ads
    With Google Adsense, you can freely give text and image-based your ads. Using compelling text and images increases the number of clicks on your ads.The text will clarify the intent of the images in the ad. So, create text in ads that are easily understood by all the visitors.

  4. Build More Visitors First
    Attracting a lot number of visitors becomes the first point you have to do. You can start by creating the content that is most liked or most sought after. Once you have a lot of visitor numbers, you can use Google Adsense to show ads.

  5. Keywords Research
    Using keywords well will certainly increase the number of your web visitors or blogs. Embed some keywords in the content you create so that the Google search engine will direct the visitor to visit your site. Previously you had to do keywords research to know the volume of keyword searches you created related content.

  6. Eye-Catching Colors
    Generally, the bloggers use the text in blue or red that contrasts with the background color of the blog or the web, so the ads are more visible. Make sure the link for ads is also made blue.

  7. Testing your ads
    Testing out the ads you've made need to do to find out how effective the design and ad formats are in attracting a visitor. Test if the use of text and images based ads work better with the layout and size already created. Use Google Adsense's Experiments for testing your ads.

  8. Avoid Many Ads Above the Fold
    Using too many ads at the start of the view from your blog or web, you can make a visitor blurred. A visitor doesn't like seeing ads piling up before viewing content on your site.

  9. Google Analytics for Monitoring
    To see how your content and traffic influence your ad revenue, you can use Google Analytics for monitoring. You can also see which pages get the most ad clicks.

  10. Ads Position
    Ad location selection is important for site visitors to be directly on the ad. The best position is just below the first paragraph of your post. From the test results, the position is better than being placed on the right or below the headline.
   10 tips and tricks AdSense above is certainly a form of business so that your site more visitors and more click ads to increase your earnings. If this information useful for you, you can share it with others.  And good luck with your ads.

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