4 Best Network Monitoring Tools [FREE and PAID] for Your Blog

          The right network monitoring tools will make it easier for you to monitor network performance, fault, and account. This article provides you with the best resources to do just that.
So, which software you should choose? There are a lot of options available to you. Here you will find both free and paid best network monitoring tools, so keep reading.

Best Network Monitoring Software

          A network monitoring tool informs the status of each network component. These functions assist network administrators in detecting network issues and avoid system failure.Choosing the best network monitoring tools is essential in maintaining network security. The best tool manages network troubleshooting efficiently and provides you enough information to plan necessary changes to the network. Here is the list of four best network monitoring tools that are both free and paid.

  1. ManageEngine OpManager
    ManageEngine OpManager is the right choice if you are looking for software to monitor an entire company network. This tool is suitable for monitoring the network of a large organization. It provides useful functionalities that streamline the network monitoring process.
    You can monitor network performance and manage network configuration using this software. The software also allows you to analyze bandwidth, administer a firewall and IP address, and track storage usage and capacity. OpManager also provides an efficient interface to monitor the entire network infrastructure in a single dashboard.This software is suitable for small, medium, and large enterprises. It is paid software with a price that starts at 250 dollars. However, there is a free version available if you want to evaluate whether the software meets your requirements.

  2. NetCrunch
    It allows you to monitor every single device connected to your network. Not only the computer, but it also allows you to monitor and control complementary devices such as camera and printer.NetCrunch is a type of agentless network monitoring software. It means that network administrators can monitor the entire network infrastructure extensively in a single interface. It has sophisticated network packs for monitoring that inform you when unexpected changes occurred in your network.NetCrunch is paid software, its price depends on the number of monitored devices on the network. The price starts at 1200 dollars and is suitable for both medium and large businesses. The 30-day trial is available in case you need to test the software performance.Netcrunch is one of the best network monitoring software for business.

  3. PRTG Network Monitor
    It is one of the best home network monitoring tools. It allows you to monitor and control the entire network in your home. It is suitable whether you use a LAN-based system or a wireless one.It is paid software, but you can use it for free if your network consists of less than a hundred devices. Hence, it is the best choice for your home network.

  4. Zabbix
    Zabbix is a web-based application that offers advanced features. It enables you to detect the network problem automatically and provide smart notification and solutions to the problem.Although it serves many industries such as retail, public sector, and airlines, Zabbix can be accessed freely. It provides data gathering that allows you to scale-up the network efficiently.With its rich features, Zabbix is the best free network monitoring software on the net.

Conclusion :

          These are the list of the four best network monitoring tools. Share this post if you find this post is helpful. The others might benefits more from the article.

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