4 Best Tips To Make A Laptop PC Computer Durable

          Computers become the main requirement for processing various data and performing various digital activities. You can use a computer for a full day, even you can also use a laptop continuously when you are on the go. When using a computer or laptop that is relatively intense enough to make you have to be aware of how to care properly. There are several ways you can take care of a computer so that it can be durable and long-lasting. These methods are as follows:

  1. Cleaning The Hardware Section
    Is the most important part of a laptop or computer. The existence of this hardware is that all processes can be carried out by various software or applications. Hardware such as monitors or screens, keyboards, batteries on laptops, mice, and power cables on computers need to be treated. You can clean the hardware parts using a soft cloth or tissue. As much as possible avoid your computer or laptop from dust that can get into important components. Dust that accumulates can damage the hardware components of the computer or laptop. Parts of hardware that are routinely cleaned can make a laptop or computer last longer.

  2. Clean Up "Junk" In Applications And Operating Systems
    Tools or software can be installed to help clean up "junk" in the operating system. You can use tools that work to clean up "rubbish" which can slow down computer performance. You who frequently browse can also clean history and cache regularly. Also, it is also important to carry out defragment routinely. The purpose of this defragment is to rearrange the files that are scattered in the system. The next way you can do is to use disk clean up to clean up files that are not used.

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  4. Use The Keyboard Cover On
    Laptop keyboard and keyboard on the PC are important parts for data input. The keyboard can get damaged if there is a lot of dust attached. Dust can enter through the gaps of the keys from the keyboard. Therefore, the existence of the keyboard cover is very important so that dust cannot enter into important components. Dust that damages components can cause keyboard errors. Cleaning the keyboard on a PC is much easier than cleaning the keyboard on a laptop. So, you should use a keyboard cover that is stuck semi-permanently on your laptop keyboard. Choose a keyboard cover that is made from elastic and transparent, so that letters, numbers, and symbols on the keyboard can still be

  5. Using The Best Antivirus And Always Update
    Use of the best antivirus becomes important, but always updating the antivirus regularly becomes even more important. You can choose a full-featured antivirus, which is an antivirus that provides protection when you are offline or online. choose an antivirus that also provides a firewall service. So, when you are browsing you still feel safe because the possibility of spreading the virus online becomes smaller. This antivirus update aims to add the latest database of various types of new viruses that can be detected. Currently, there are so many types of viruses, ranging from viruses that can interfere with system performance to viruses that can damage data. You must be careful.
          Hopefully, a variety of simple tips for caring for laptops and personal computers can be useful for you. proper care can make your laptop or PC become more durable and can extend the usage period.

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