5 Best Free Computer Software That You Must Have in 2019

   If there are free, why use a pay? Did you know that there are tons of free software out there that can do what paid software does? Feel shackled all the time because you have to use specific paid software (such as Microsoft Office)? Then be happy because today you will get 5 best free computer software that can replace your paid one.

   What needs to be kept in mind is that when you use free software, there is always something different from paid software. Maybe it's the interface, perhaps there are some functions they can't do. So like it or not, you have to want to learn to use it efficiently. If you are willing to lose some features of paid software and want to learn, then this list is for you.

5 Best Free Computer Software
  1. Libre Office
    LibreOffice is a document processing software, such as Microsoft Office (which is the best-paid software for pc). With LibreOffice, you can write documents, create tables, and arrange presentations. What makes LibreOffice shine, among other word processing software, is its ability to open files with the extension of Microsoft Office without changing the format in the slightest.So you can write documents in MS Office and then resume them at the Libreoffice, or vice versa. Office Libre can be installed on Windows, Mac, or Linux. This is simply one of the best open-source software

  2. GIMP
    Powerful, but still flexible. That is GIMP. This photo editor software is a rival of Adobe Photoshop. GIMP supports a layering system, has many advanced tools to make your photos look amazing. This is thanks to user-created plugins that are already included in the installation.

  3. VLC Media Player
    We don't know why the logo used is a street cone. But yes, VLC Media Player is one of the best software for windows 10 at the moment. This software can play anything, including streaming from the internet without going through a browser.VLC Media Player is ideal for watching movies and listening to podcasts. In the latest update, this software adds support for playing 360 videos. This allows you to enjoy 360 video offerings using a VR device.

  4. Shotcut
    Have you ever heard of this software? Shotcut is a video editing software. This is an alternative to expensive video editors such as Premiere Pro or Vegas. One disadvantage is that the interface is fundamental. If you need to edit videos (but there is no budget to buy paid software), make sure Shotcut is on your computer.

  5. Audacity
    Audacity is software for processing sounds. It can cut, edit, eliminate noise, add effects, and much more. Audacity is one of the most robust free software. This software also supports multi-tracks. Unfortunately, Audacity is not suitable for large projects, such as making radio dramas.
   It feels like having a lot of choices, rather than just fixing on one thing. Likewise, with software. If you don't like or have a budget to buy software, you can always look for alternatives that suit your needs. Share this 5 best free computer software article, so that more people start using free software that is just as great as paid software.

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