5 Best Ways To Take Care Of Android Smartphone To Be Durable

          Smartphones are becoming an important requirement in this modern time. smartphones are used to support many daily activities. The existence of a smartphone can help to smooth communication and ease in completing various jobs. Various ways can be used to care for android smartphones so they can last and last a long time. These methods are as follows:

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  1. Protect The Smartphone Screen
    The basic propeller step you can take is to protect your smartphone screen. at this time the smartphone already has a screen that already has anti-scratch protection, but to anticipate continued you should use tempered glass. You must be careful to keep your smartphone from falling. Tempered glass is prone to cracking and breaking when falling.

  2. Protect The Smartphone Body With A Case
    The next protection to anticipate the possibility of a smartphone falling is to use a case. The use of this case can make the smartphone safer if it accidentally falls or collides. Smartphones are safer if there is already a protective body around. Choose protection made from rubber or silicon. Thus, the end part that is prone to damage when formed becomes safer.

  3. Avoid Using A Smartphone While Charging
    Problem is simple, but can be fatal. Avoid using the smartphone continuously while being used. You can reply to a chat once or twice, but avoid playing games when the smartphone is charging the battery. The habit of playing games when the smartphone battery is charged will cause the battery to damage quickly. In a battery, there is a slab that can leak. Running heavy applications when charging the battery can cause damage and shorter battery life. The average game application requires large resources and can consume more RAM and CPU performance heavier.

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  5. Use The Latest Version Of Application (Always Update)
    Smartphone users may have underestimated the importance of updating applications in the latest version. Though the purpose of this renewal is for security and performance improvement of each application performance. Updates do not periodically exist, so you must check through the Play Store if you do not activate the update notification. However, when you don't want to be burdened with checking manually, it can activate the automatic renewal. The application update function to the latest version in addition to security, performance improvement, can also aim to add new features.

  6. Eliminate Widgets And Applications That Are Not Important
    Maintenance is also required in addition to hardware maintenance. Widget setup is also needed separately to reduce CPU performance. Irregular widgets make smartphone operations more difficult because the widget runs in the background. So, even though it is not opened the process continues. It is strongly recommended not to use or delete unnecessary widgets.
    For those of you who have often experienced failure in opening applications can be caused because there are applications that consume a lot of CPU and RAM. The ability to consume RAM and CPU also depends on the specifications of your smartphone. A smartphone with a large enough RAM capacity might not be a problem with the number of applications installed, but what about the small RAM capacity? You should eliminate or not install applications that you don't need.

          Another way that can be applied to care for smartphones is to install the all in one tool. This application usually has various features to keep smartphone performance stable. The feature that is usually embedded in a tool or application is the auto-clean feature to clean residual files that are on your smartphone. Other features are to save battery life, optimize RAM, CPU cooler, manage applications, manage files, and support security.

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