5 Hidden Feature iPhone 7 Plus for You to Know About

   Are you new to the super-sized Apple iPhone 7 plus? No need to worry, because the following hidden features iPhone 7 Plus will grant you the information needed for a newbie. Even if you feel that you have already mastered it, chances are you will still find one undisclosed or two features you may not know about before.

   You will find out that our guide on the perks of iPhone 7 Plus is swift and easy. You do not need any effort to learn about it. You may also discover some crafty shortcuts on it to help you lead a more comfortable life by using your favorite device. So, let’s get started to get the most from your new Apple iPhone 7 Plus, shall we?

iPhone 7 Hidden Menu to Be Familiar With
  1. The Undisclosed Magnifying Glass
       Yes, you can use your device as a magnifying glass. You need to tap the home button three times before turning your iPhone 7 Plus into a useful magnifying glass.

       There is a slider to help you control the zoom. An optional flashlight is also available to help you look closer to things at night (in the dark). This feature will come in handy for you to search for irritating splinters, read a small print, or looking at bugs and other more minor things.

  2. Active Without Any Touching
       Your iPhone 7 Plus will automatically active by the time you pick it up; no need to touch or press any button. It is the iOS 10 that makes it possible to operate that way. This is a great way to check for any notification without the hassle of unlocking the device.

  3. Doodle on Any Photo You Capture
       You do not need any additional apps to be able to make some doodles on your photos. Go to the Photo app in your device and open your desired image. Tap the edit button, and you will find some kinds of three dots within a circle with a markup option. You can add any handwritten notes on the desired images, make a circle on essential things on your writing, and more. You can even make a silly doodle on your photos of your choice. 

  4. Make the Keyboard as a Trackpad
       You can do this by hard pressing your on-screen keyboard. You will find out that there is a trackpad similar to one on the MacBook when the keys disappear.

       To move the cursor on the screen, you just need to slide your finger around. To select a word, you need to edit, hard press on the selected words. If you want to choose a sentence, double hard pressing it. This feature is a great iPhone 7 plus tutorial for beginners.

  5. Take A Better Selfie
       One of the great features offered by the iPhone 7 plus is its twin cameras. The front-facing camera is 7MP now that allows its users to get a better quality of selfies and video chat. This is an excellent iPhone 7 plus camera tricks to learn.
   Admittedly, there are many more iPhone 7 home button features to learn more to help you maximize the performance of your device. However, hopefully, the above mentioned hidden feature iPhone 7 Plus will be beneficial for you

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