5 Useful Tips and Trick Android 2019 To Learn About

   We all recognize that Android devices are packed with useful functions and features to grant the users with its best performance. Unfortunately, many of those features can be incomprehensible, especially to the newbie and even us all. That is why we need to learn about some useful tips and trick Android 2019 to get the most from our Android gadget.

   You are maybe a newbie to the Android world due to your currently switching from the iPhone. Or, perhaps, you have already dealt with your Android devices for some time and have several of them. Still, you will find out that the following Android 101 tips and tricks are beneficial.

What Are the Best Android Tips and Tricks 2019? 

   Getting to know some tricks and hacks to find the most excellent way of maximizing the performance of our devices is a must. Those tricks will help us to get the most from our gadget and be able to get the top advantages from it. Here are some valuable and powerful tips to contemplate.
  1. Keeping the Device Safe
    There is an inbuilt tool in every Android device that enables its users to keep their data safe in the case that they lose the device or it got stolen. All you have to do is make the Android Device Manager active. You can do so by going to Setting – Security-Device Administration- Android Manager.
    If your device is missing, you can access lock function, locate or even erase the device option by going to www.android.com/devicemanager.

  2. Activating Power Saving Modes
    There are plenty of power-saving modes on each Android-based device. The main function of this feature is to reduce the brightness of its screen as well as slowing down the CPU. To do so, simply go to Setting-Battery-Activate Power Saving Mode. Keep in mind that by activating this feature, your device operations will run slowly. 

  3. Disable Any Automatic App Updates
    Some people don’t want to update their apps automatically due to many reasons. In this case, you need to inactivate the Automatic App Updates of your device. Go to Settings-Auto-Update Apps then select ‘Do not auto-update apps button. Disable automatic app updates may be useful tips and tricks for mobile you need to consider.

  4. Mount an SD Card or Not?
    The newer Android devices come with a microSD card slot so that you can mount it easily on it. MicroSD adds more storing capacity for your Android device, which is very helpful.
    If you have the 6 Marshmallow Android, you may even have access to Adoptable Storage or Flex Storing. This will enable you to use the microSD as you’re your extended internal storage.
    You can use this Flex Storage if your device comes with a low storage capacity. Make sure that you choose the fastest possible card to keep the phone running on its best.

  5. Deactivate Auto-Correction
    To some people, the auto-correction feature may be annoying while they are texting. You can turn the feature off by going to Setting-Language & Input. Look for the option on auto-correction, tap on it, and select the OFF option.
   The tips as mentioned earlier and tricks may not be some Android hidden tricks for every Android user. However, you may find out that those tips and trick Android 2019 are very beneficial for you and others. You can share this article to help your friends get their best tips and tricks.

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