7 Best 3D Design Application for Android You Should Have

   The world of 3D design is no longer like before. If you used to have to sit long at a desk and do everything on a desktop computer, now everyone can do it on their mobile devices. In this post, we will present to you, 7 best 3D design application for android.

   Perhaps the question arises in your head, is it possible the ability of this mobile application to match the power of software that must be installed on a desktop computer? Well, although these 3D App for Android has not fully matched the strength of its big brother, having the ability to carry it everywhere is a big plus.

7 Best 3D Design Applications For Android
  1. Spacedraw
    Spacedraw is referred to as "the first full-fledged 3D editor for tablets and smartphones." This application can run on Android devices that have a screen resolution of 480 x 800 px and higher. Spacedraw has two versions. Free and paid. The free version of Spacedraw has saved and export limitations for models only. The number of vertices is also limited to a maximum of 100.

  2. Autocad
    This is one of the godfather 3D design applications on android. With Autocad, you can draw and create 3D model designs directly from an Android device. No need to linger on desktop computers. This application saves your work in DWG format. So you can work on a design project from a PC or mobile device.

  3. 3DC.io
    Even though the name is rather difficult to pronounce, this 3D design application is capable of creating all volumetric models without you having to touch your great PC. In 3DC.io, you will be given several tools that will help you to create the 3D shapes that you want. You can move the camera wherever you like, and your work can be saved in several formats.

  4. d3D Sculptor
    Another application that allows you to make 3D models directly from an Android phone or tablet. Unlike other 3D designer applications, the d3D Sculptor has a relatively sophisticated level of difficulty. To make it easier, you can search for video tutorials on YouTube to be able to run this application properly.

  5. SDF 3D
    If you need applications that can create architectural forms, furniture, machine concepts, and decorative shapes based on 3D, this 3D CAD for Android is right for you. 3D SDF application can also be to make your game design more alive. The problem is, this application requires more in-depth technical knowledge so that the resulting model looks real.

  6. Onshape
    There are several applications labeled 3D design, but in the end, they are just programs for viewing files only. But Onshape is different. This application contains complete CAD tools. So you can create 3D models wherever you get inspiration. Interestingly, Oneshape also comes with a short training that you can access on their official website.

  7. Fusion 360
    This application fully uses cloud technology. This can be a weakness when you don't get an internet signal. But when everything is normal, you will get an experience creating and editing incredible 3D models. Fusion 360 applications have become the standard software for CAD and CAM. This is because of its fantastic ability.
   7 Best 3D Design Application For Android above is for you who have a 3D App for design hobby. They are also suitable for you who are in the 3D design industry. Whatever it is, with advances in technology, now 3D designs don't have to sit forever in front of a large desktop computer. Share if you agree.

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