Check This Out, 6 Website Design Tips for a Professional

   When you are searching on the Internet, what makes you interested in visiting a Web other than the content? The attractive and eye-catching website design is certainly one of the factors of the netizens’ interest. The website design of professional webmasters is undoubtedly going to follow the current trend and routine up to date. For more details, the following reviews on website design tips for a professional.

Consistency of Web Design

   The consistency of web design is quite influential in making a good web. The consistency in question is related to the use of font size and type, heading, subheading, and color. Consistency on each page will make your web neater and comfortable to see.

Mobile Compatibility

   Nowadays, Internet users more often use mobile phones to surf in cyberspace. In that way, it's important to make your web-accessible on mobile. You can leverage the Google mobile site tester to see your Web compatibility. If your web easy to access from any device, your visitors will rise up.


   Color selection is also an important factor because the colors will be first captured the eyes of the visitors. You can use a contrasting color between the background color and the font color. This is intended to make writing more readable. You shouldn't use colors like a black background with dark blue or yellow text for writing with a white background. That's why you must pick the right color to raise your visitors.


   The existence of navigation is very important to make it easier for the visitor to find what they need. Some studies prove that the visitors are more comfortable and at home to linger on a webpage that has easy navigation.

   To create web navigation, try out an organized and sequential menu. Create a navigation menu that is an important point of content. Avoid creating unnecessary navigation menus, so the Web view doesn't look as messy.

Keep it Simple and Clean

   Famous and professional sites will not use many elements on the web that can interfere with the view and blur content. A simple look with bold headlines and keywords and using subheadings will help a visitor to find what they are looking for and need quickly.

   Placing too many banners, badges, pop-ups, and ads will make your web look as messy and cluttered as you can. This will make the visitor reluctant to visit your webpage.

   Creating a simple and clean web interface will make your visit comfortable and more focused on listening to your Web content.

Fast Load Time

   So that your webpage gets a lot of visitors, load time becomes an important factor to be aware of. Web-users will generally leave the page when it requires a load time of more than 3 seconds. By it, make sure your web has a load time of fewer than 2 seconds.

   Some tips that have been displayed above related website design tips for a professional can you make a reference material in increasing the number of visitors. If you think the information is helpful, share it, not a bad idea to do.

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