Getting to Know 6 Best Water Resistant Smartphone

   Waterproof smartphones are things that people recently search for. Many manufacturers feature this on their newest products to meet the needs of their customers. Let’s learn about 7 Best Water Resistant Smartphones for your consideration before you purchase the best one for you.

   Before you jump to your decision to choose your most suitable phone, you need to understand the following things. Being called and labeled as ‘waterproof,’ every smartphone has a different protection level. Here are the requirements of what so-called waterproof cell phones:
  • Spills and splashes
       In this level, your phone will survive unintended spillage of liquid

  • Light Swimming
       Your phone will be alright being dipped in the pool, yet, it is not built to withstand the deep water’s pressure

  • Dives in a Deeper level
       In this level, you need a cellphone rated as IP68. Generally, your cellphone will be safe to dive into the water with more than 3 feet depth
Getting to Know Top Water-Resistant Smartphones

   The following are 7 top water-resistant smartphones you need to consider before buying one:
  1. Apple iPhone XS
       For every iPhone lover who wants a water-resistant gadget, this iPhone Xs will be your best option. Being the first iPhone that featured the IP68 level of protection, you will also be pleased with its great features as well.

       It supports IP68 with 6.5 feet depth resistance for up to thirty minutes.

  2. Google Pixel 3 XL
       This gadget is manufactured by Google and equipped with IP68 level protection and can be considered as one of the best waterproof smartphones available.

       It is an excellent water-resistant Android smartphone with great features such as long battery life, great camera, and powerful hardware. 

  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 9
       This popular smartphone supports a waterproof body that will help you to feel relieved when it gets wet. Its IP68 protection will enable your phone to survive 5 feet water depth dunking for up to half an hour. Samsung comes with a 6.6-inch ultra-sharp display with powerful built-in software.

  4. Huawei Matte Pro 20
       This smartphone will survive a splashing with no trouble due to its IP68 feature that will help it survive a five feet-deep dipping for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, you have to reach deep into your pocket for its high price.

  5. Motorola Moto X4
       This smartphone comes with a lower price that makes it a good and affordable cheap waterproof phone. Its IP67 feature makes this phone is perfect for paddles or spills. You can take this phone to dive up to 3 feet deep water for half an hour.

  6. Apple iPhone XR
       This Apple manufactured smartphone is impressive, and its cheaper than other available iPhones. It is equipped with IP67 that will survive to immerse at 3 feet water depth for thirty minutes.
   Upon learning about some of the best water-resistant smartphones, it is time for you to make your decision on purchasing the most suitable one. Make sure that you not only consider its water-resistant features but the whole feature and its price as well. So, which best water-resistant smartphones you choose?

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