Hidden Features of Note 10 Plus that You Must Know

   Do you plan to buy a popular Samsung vendor output smartphone?. Samsung's flagship series of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus can be your choice. In addition to the standard features, there are hidden features of Note 10 Plus that are rarely found on other smartphones. If you're curious, check out the following reviews to find out the answers.

Always on Display (AOD)

     The Always-on Display (AOD) feature is found in some Samsung smartphones of specific series, including the Note 10 plus. This feature displays some limited information even when the phone is asleep/unused. This information can be organized to your needs, such as hours, calendars, notes, and so on.

    So your phone is always ready to use without having to turn it on first. To activate it, you select the Setting menu, then select the lock screen, then turn on Always on Display to set the information you want to display.


       Two applications on your Note 10 Plus can be managed as a shortcut. If you choose Default, then the shortcut icon that is automatically selected is the phone application and camera application. You can change the form as per the option, and you can also choose the position where the shortcut will be displayed.

         Activation of this feature can be done on the setting menu, then select the Lock screen shortcuts app. At the bottom, there will be the option left shortcut and the right shortcut to choose the application you want to display as a shortcut.

Open Any App from Side Key

        Using Note 10 plus features gives you more flexibility with open any app from the side key. You can switch the power button or the volume key with the button to open the application you use most frequently.

       You have to open the Settings menu, select the Advanced Features menu, then select the side key, then enable double-press command, then select Open App, and finally select the desired application.

Double Record

      This one feature seems to be rarely owned by other Android smartphones. With Note 10 plus, you can record the screen view, and you can also record yourself. But before you must enter the Settings menu first, then advanced features, select screenshots and Screen recorder, select screen Recorder settings.

       Then set the recording requirements with the audio or without audio. Select the desired recording quality, as well. Next will appear as a toolbar for the options screen recorder.

    The screenshots feature on the Note 10 plus phone can be set through the power button by activating the Bixby button. So the process of screenshots can be faster. You can also take screenshots with the S pen on your Galaxy Note 10 Plus phone.

Link to Windows

      Android Phone Note 10 plus allows you to link to Windows. So you can control your phone via laptop, tablet, or Windows PC, including when there are messages or email notifications. So you no longer need to use Bluetooth to receive or send files.

    Hidden features of Note 10 Plus that have been reviewed above are very useful in easing your work and activities daily. If the information of this article is helpful for you, please share it.

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