How To Install XAMPP And Tips For Using It?

          XAMPP is a web server that can be considered the best and easiest way to install or arrange in such a way as is needed by the developer. First, you only need to download the XAMPP setup from the official XAMPP website as needed by your system management. Because most managers work on settings on the Windows platform, we will show steps for setting up the XAMPP web server on the Windows operating system.

How To Download And Install XAMPP?

The first step that must be done is to download the XAMPP file first and proceed with the installation process. Here are the ways to do:

  1. Download the executable setup file from XAMPP;
  2. Run the Setup file by double-clicking;
  3. Click the Install button and prepare the destination folder for the XAMPP installation, then the webserver installation process will run;
  4. A folder called "xampp" will be created on the path specified during the installation process. The path will save all installation files;
  5. Run XAMPP by opening the Control Panel section. Click the Start button will appear. Then click the menu for the "Apache" for the webserver and "Mysql" for the database. If "Windows Security Alert" appears, then click "Allow access".
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How To Change The Document Root Location In XAMPP?

The XAMPP access location can be changed from the default settings given during the XAMPP installation. Here are some ways you can change the root location in XAMPP:

  1. Open the installed XAMPP folder, by default it is in C: / xampp / apache / conf;
  2. Edit httpd.confusing Notepad ++ or ordinary Notepad;
  3. Look for DocumentRoot "C: / xampp / htdocs";
  4. Change as you wish, for example, you want to change to C: / PHP / then change to DocumentRoot "C: / PHP /". Another part that must also be changed is the "directory" section, which is <Directory "C: / PHP /">. You can also change the storage drive portion only. For example, from the path C: / changed to path D: /.
  • sure XAMPP can run well. How to check is by typing http: // localhost / xampp in the browser, then check the status.
  • can be used as an offline webserver to build websites. One Content Management System (CMS) that is often used to build websites in Wordpress. Wordpress CMS is the most commonly used content management system, Wordpress being the most popular CMS. About 40 percent of websites or blogs are built using WordPress CMS. The use of WordPress so much that it is because this one platform is quite flexible. WordPress can be easily used and managed by people from various backgrounds, from personal bloggers to companies. The WordPress platform is very informative regarding supporting services. Even beginners can build websites very easily and quickly. Building a WordPress site offline needs to utilize XAMPP. WordPress also provides support by presenting various types of interesting plugins and themes and making websites attractive and responsive.
  • provides two services, namely which is a free platform and which can be done by having its host. is used to develop professional-use websites or even website-based information systems. or Wordpress CMS can be adjusted according to content, design, and host as needed. Meanwhile, cannot do a lot of customization. The important thing to note is that after building a WordPress site offline, the website will only run on a personal computer. When you want to make a WordPress site work globally, it requires a domain name and server or web hosting space.
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