Knowing iOS Vs Android Before We Buy A Smartphone

   The gadget is important communication in this modern era. Most people compete for each other to upgrade their phones. Those the reason why they should know about iOS vs Android. Which one is better? We should read this information in detailed.

What’s The Meaning Of iOS?

   iOS is a kind of operational system, which is developed by Apple. This company creates a different operating system than others. Apple makes this operating system with a closed source system. Thus, it can be developed by the Apple parties. Besides, this operational system only created by Apple, so iOS has specifics descriptions. That is the specification of iOS.

What’s The Meaning Of Android?
   Differ in iOS that is developed by Apple, Android is developed by Google. Based on the specification of Android, Android has the qualities of utility. Android is more flexible than iOS, so we can operate the Android system self, for example, we can add some applications in the Google Play store. Therefore, we can develop the Android system by ourselves, so Android has an open-source system.

The Qualities Of Android
   We should know that Android has the qualities in this surplus, such as:
  • The using of Android is easy and flexible, so anyone from anything age can operate it.
  • Within the open-source system, we can develop and create some applications which are good and sophisticated.
  • Users can choose the best applications that they want.
  • It provides many free applications that can be downloaded in the Google Play Store.
  • It has a multitasking system, so the user can use all applications in one progress easily.
  • It also provides many ROM customs that are modified in the Android system. We can install this ROM.
  • Android can be used for all smartphone brands.
However, Android has a weakness, such as:
  • Android always needs an online internet connection, so the security in your smartphone sometimes unsafe.
  • There are some free applications can be installed by us, but the advertisement in an application can disturb us.
  • The battery from Android needs more power than the other operating system.

The Qualities Of iOS
   After we know the qualities of Android, we should understand the qualities of iOS, like the following:
  • It has the best securities because iOS is not joined with Google and others, so the system applications in our phone are protected automatically.
  • Total iOS applications and games have more items than other smartphones, such as Android.
  • iOS has better performance applications and games than other OS.
  • IOS has an online big memory capacity automatically with could computing program.
  • This old device can get update OS.
  • International device guarantee.
  • iOS has a stable selling price in marketing kurs.
However, iOS also has a weakness such as:
  • The price of iOS is very expensive, especially for the Device price.
  • Connectivity media can be used for the same iOS, but we can buy the application in apps stores if we want to add the program.
  • We should pay for some applications.
  • If we want connecting iOS with a computer PC, we should connect with iTunes.
  • It has not Micro SD slot and non-removable battery.
   Those the article about iOS vs Android, so which one do you like before buying a smartphone?

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