The Best Tips For Sending Original Photos Without Compression Without Reducing Quality On Whatsapp

          WhatsApp is a messaging application that has many interesting features. WhatsApp has experienced very rapid development from the beginning of its emergence. WhatsApp features were initially limited and can only be used to exchange messages, so now WhatsApp can be used to create a "status" according to the timeline. WhatsApp can also be used for telephone and video calls. WhatsApp activities must use an internet connection. WhatsApp is also a chat application that people use to exchange pictures or photos, videos, and documents.

          When sending photos, sometimes people complain because the photos sent will be compressed by the system, resulting in decreased image quality or photos. In other words, the image file or photo that is sent does not match the condition of the original file.

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How To Send Photos Via Whatsapp Without Reducing Quality?

          The important thing to always remember is to always use the latest version of the WhatsApp application. the use of this latest application has various benefits. You will always get full support from the application developer for all the ease of use of the application. The latest updates usually aim to fix bugs or errors that might be present in the application. This error is usually only in the form of small mistakes. The latest update also aims to add new features from the WhatsApp application. So, it is highly recommended that you always check periodically for the presence of the latest updates from the WhatsApp application.

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          This convenience will also be felt when you want to send photos or pictures to your friends without reducing the quality of photos. Photos or images sent by standard means will usually be reduced in size, this will affect the quality of the photos or images received. The compression of images sent is aimed at the effectiveness and efficiency of media exchange. However, some people want the image file received to be of exactly the same quality as the image file that was sent. The way that can be done is as follows:
  1. Sending Still Images Through The "Document" Feature In Whatsapp Who want to send images or photos according to their original quality can take advantage of sending attachments in the form of "document". The method is almost the same as the way to send pictures. You must enter the chat room to which you want to send images. Select the "Attachment" menu that has a paper clip icon. Then select the "document" menu instead of "Gallery". Next, select the folder where the images you want to send are on storage. Select the picture to be sent and click the "send" button. The picture you send will be of the same quality. This method will make the image quality as the original without experiencing compression. This method can also be used to send videos.
  2. Sending Images Via Whatsapp Without Compression Via The Online Storage Provider The first method is the easiest way and you can do it very quickly. however, when you are no longer able to update the latest version of WhatsApp due to full storage memory or other causes, then you can take advantage of third-party applications. Open the website address Next, select the still image you want to send. Set Content-Type and various other options to your liking. Upload the image or photo. You need to wait for the image you uploaded to display the link. Send the link through the chat room with the friend you want to send the photo to. You can also take advantage of other online image storage services. Examples of other online storage service providers are Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire, and others. 

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