The Best Way To Overcome SIM Card Unread On Android And Detect The Causes

          The existence of a SIM Card becomes important in the use of smartphones. Without the existence of a SIM card, you cannot communicate with each other. SIM cards are now available in various versions, from micro-SIM cards to Nano-SIM cards. Adjust the SIM card version according to the slot provided by the smartphone developer you are using. During the usage period, SIM cards can also experience problems with different causes.

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Causes Of SIM Card Error On Android

          SIM cards that are unreadable in the Android operating system can be caused by various conditions. Here are some things that can cause the SIM card to not be read:

  1. The Period Of Use Of The SIM Card
    Each item has a lifetime; this includes SIM cards that have a variety of life. This lifetime depends on the durability and care of the SIM card used. On average, the SIM card has a useful life of around three to five years. These times the plastic and brass material that is on the SIM card will experience degradation. Brass in the SIM card is the most important component in a SIM card that contains user data. This brass sheet can be damaged because it has a long lifetime or because it is often moved between devices so that more friction occurs. When your Sim card is damaged, you can submit a request to your service provider to physically renew the SIM card you are using.

  2. The SIM Card Is Overheating
    The issue of excessive heat can sometimes occur on some Android smartphones. The position of the SIM card is generally located close to smartphone components that are heat-prone. This can cause the SIM card to overheat and can damage the brass components of the SIM card.

  3. Damaged SIM Card Slot
    The SIM card can also experience errors and is unreadable because the slot for putting the SIM card is damaged.
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How To Overcome SIM Card Unreadable Error On Android?

          The cause of damage to the Sim card can already be identified, then you can overcome the SIM card error with the following simple methods:

  1. Clean The SIM Card
    The first step is to clean the SIM card. Open and remove the SIM card and clean the dust that might stick and disturb the SIM card performance. You can clean using a tissue, soft cloth or use an eraser. Make sure to clean carefully. After that, insert the SIM card again and activate your smartphone. Wait for a few sat to see if this method works or the Sim card is still experiencing an error.

  2. Try Another SIM Card
    The first step fails, then continue with the second step to see the response of the SIM card slot. Use another SIM card on the smartphone to detect possible damage. When using another SIM card and successfully read by a smartphone, the initial SIM card used can be expected to suffer damage. However, when using another SIM card also remains undetected, there is a possibility that the smartphone SIM card slot is damaged.

  3. Perform Factory Android OS Reset
    The next pretty extreme method that can be done is to do a Factory Reset on the smartphone. The factory reset aims to restore the smartphone settings to a factory-like condition. This method will result in losing data and all the settings you have done. It is better to do a backup first before doing a factory reset.
          These methods are not always successful, but you can try it as early detection. If the damage is included in the severe category, then it should be taken to a trusted service center. Good luck, hopefully, some of these tips are useful.

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