Tips and Tricks for iPhone 11 You Need to Know

          Are you an iPhone newbie, especially on Apple’s latest iPhone 11? No need to worry because you will get some useful information on tips and tricks for iPhone 11 here. So, please continue reading the article for your best advantage. 
The iPhone 11 series are equipped with Apples’ latest software, i.e., iOS 13 that comes with not only the readjusted old feature but also new ones for you to discover. In this case, you will need some cool tricks for iPhone 11 to help you make the most of the particular device. So, choose your most favorite comfy spot and dig through the following tips and tricks on your new iPhone 11.

Tips and Tricks on Camera & Photo

Take A Slofie

          Slofie means slow-motion selfies using your front camera. Open your camera apps, switch to the front camera, and tap on the Slow Mo option, then press record. Voila, you have your slofie.
Taking a Photo and Recording Video at the Same Time.
When you are taking a photo and suddenly change your mind to record it as a video instead, just hold down the shutter button. Slide to the right or slide up to lock into video mode. This cool camera tricks for iPhone 11 will come in handy when you take pictures of your kids, sporting events, or even your pet.

Explore the New Ultra-Wide Camera

          With these new tricks for iPhone 11, it will be easy for you to capture more of the surroundings on your photoshoot moment. You also enable you to be nearer to a certain object and take your picture with more in the frame right away. You can do it all by simply switching it to the ultra-wide mode. 

Display and Home Screen Tricks for iPhone 11

Enable The Dark Mode

          You will adore this cool feature from iOS 13 since it will ease your eyes on its white-colored text with the back background. It will automatically switch to this mode based on its surroundings, especially on sunset or sunrise time. Or, you can switch it yourself by opening the Settings, go to the Brightness bar, and toggle on the dark mode. By switching to dark mode, you will automatically save the life of your battery.

Choosing Your New Wallpaper

          To help you get a new and fresh revamped wallpaper from Apple, you can simply go to the Settings and tap on Wallpaper bar. There will be a significant number of live and vibrant wallpapers available for you to pick

Tricks on Button, Control and Gestures

Unlock the iPhone 11

          If you are registered the data of your face using the Face ID, to unlock your phone is simply by picking it up while looking on it and swipe it up from the screen bottom.

Switch off the your

          You need to hold and press the sleep/wake button along with the volume down button simultaneously. Please notice that if you press the sleep/wake button, it will launch Siri

Launch Apple Pay

          You only need to click the sleep/wake button double, and your Apple Wallet is ready. Scan your face, and then you will have to hold your gadget close to the machine for payment.
Upon learning some of the useful tips and tricks for iPhone 11, what would be yours? Please share this article if you find it helpful, and you can also add comments sharing your favorite tips and tricks of the iPhone 11.

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