Understanding Ahrefs: The Best Backlink Checker On the Net

      A backlink is crucial to the success of your blog. A high backlink to your blog indicates your blog has a good reputation. The best backlink checker is crucial in the backlink building for your blog.But which is the best backlink checker on the net? Currently their myriad of software you can use to check backlink. In this post, you will find a guide to one of the best backlink checker on the net, Ahrefs.Feature of Ahrefs: The Best Backlink Checker

  Actually, ahrefs can do a lot more than a backlink check. In truth, it provides you with comprehensive features to get massive traffic to your blog. However, this post will focus only on the backlink checking feature of the software.Ahrefs checks not only the good backlinks that you have but most importantly it also checks the bad ones. The bad backlinks can do you more harm than the benefits that a good backlink has, so it is crucial to understand how to screen for the bad badlinks.

What Is Bad Backlink?

  When you are looking for a job, having a reference will likely improve your chance of being approved. But what if the one who provides your reference has a bad reputation with your potential employer? Your chance of being accepted for the job will certainly decrease significantly. The same is true for bad backlinks. Having a ton of backlinks means nothing if all of them are the bad ones.
A backlink from a bad website or from an over-optimized content are the great examples of a bad backlink. Screening for this kind of backlink will ensure the health of your blog or website. And Ahrefs is just the perfect bad backlink checker.

Here are the steps that you need to do.
  1. Look For Backlinks From Low-Quality Website
    Ahrefs can check all backlinks to your site. Enter your domain on the site explorer. Then open the referring domain menu. The trick to screen for the bad backlink is by reversing the order of domain by its domain rating value.The bad backlinks come from a low-quality website with a low domain rating value. Then screen for the referring domain which has low quality.

    Here are some of the great features of Ahrefs to streamline the process.
    1. Filters the report by website languages. It is important because a particular language has a spammy backlink.
    2. Filters the report by website platform.
    3. Filters for a low-quality wiki site, And the next step you need to do is to look for the unhealthy anchor texts.

  2. Looking For Unhealthy Anchor Text
    Anchor text is crucial since Google uses it to rank your website. If you have referring pages with spammy anchor texts, it will be a problem to your site.
    A spammy anchor text is a text-link which is over-optimized. It uses dense keywords. Having unnatural anchor text like this will potentially make your site receives a Google Penguin Penalty.Using Ahrefs, you can filter this kind of anchor text. Navigate to the Anchors tab in the site explorer under the backlink profile menu.Check for unhealthy anchor text, and fix the issue.

The Conclusion

   You have learned two simple, yet powerful feature of Ahrefs that makes it the best backlink checker on the net. Share this article with your friends if you found it helpful. Finally, there are several in-depth articles that you can easily found on the net explaining the detail of Ahrefs, study it.

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