You Are iOS 13 Holics? Know About Hidden Features iOS 13

          You love every product which uses iOS so that you should know every information about iOS 13. There are several hidden features that people don’t know about this smartphone. Those hidden features iOS 13 can make the user download large size applications easier. Don’t want to make the iOS Holics disappointed, and iOS 13 offers four hidden features.

          Those amount of hidden features can make you say amazing. Anyway, the whole features have different benefits so that you should understand about each function whenever you want to use iOS 13 with more optimum. You want to know the entire hidden features so that you can read the information below.
4 Hidden Features in iOS 13

          There are several hidden features in iOS 13. There will be a modification on Wi-Fi. Bluetooth, Unknown Callers Silencer iOS 13 features, and so on. Those functions can make your life even better and comfortable using this smartphone. You can access some apps from the Apple Store. You are curious about the detail of the hidden features that you have to read it until the finish.
  1. You Can Switch Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Devices Easier
    This new iOS smartphone has a Control Center that can make it easier to connect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can connect to Wi-Fi instantly rather than have to go to Settings. You can do it for Bluetooth also. Anyway, these features can support your work that correlates to the internet or Wi-Fi connection at your office.

  2. Offers Low Data Mode for iOS 13
    A new smartphone always offers automatically update apps. This update can drain your mobile data faster. Smartphone 13 iOS give the solution by using low data mode. This mode can help you to reduce your mobile data usage. You don’t have to buy a high amount of mobile data by using this smartphone.
    If you want to use this mode, you can go to Settings. Than tab for Mobile data and choose Mobile data options. You can choose to enable Low Data Mode so that you can reduce the usage of your mobile data every time you have to update your apps.

  3. Unknown Callers Silencer
    Sometimes you accept some unknown callers. It will annoy you when you have received it in severe conditions such as meeting. You don’t worry by using iOS 13 so that you can ignore them by using unknown callers silence iOS 13. You want to try the silencer mode that you can activate by go to Settings and choose Phone. Tab the Silence Unknown Callers.
    You will never receive any calls from strangers anymore or unknown number phones. Anyway, every time you acknowledge people who will be your work partner, you have to save their number phone directly. If you are forgetting, you will find that your settings silencer will silence your friend's call also.

  4. Give Permission on Automatically Download Application or Not
    You are a person who only uses essential apps that support your work. Every app needs its update so that it can work better in the new version of apps. You can choose to update those apps automatically. Whenever you want to change the mode into not update automatically, you can do it.
    When you want to give permission or not to update and download apps automatically, you can go to Settings. Choose iTunes & App Store. You can tab Mobile Data options and select App Downloads. You can also choose to Always Allow options to download apps by using mobile data.
          There are some hidden benefits that feature iOS 13 right for your needs. You can share this information if you have a friend who is interested in buying this smartphone. You can share it by using your social media or chat apps.

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