The Steps Making Business Website Easily

   The websites are the crucial necessity to make networking with many people. Those the reason why making business website is an important way to develop your business with other people. In this article, we give some steps about how to make a website easily.

  1.  Decide The Domain Name Of Our Website
    There some aspects to make the domain name from our website, such as:
    • The first step is to decide the topic of the content, for example, the website will inform about culinary, tourism place, fashion, and others. We can describe the content topic that relates to our business.
    • We should have good planning about what kind of business.
    • Before we create a website, we should understand the kind ofbusiness prior.
    • Understanding the target to our business consumer, so we can decide the theme of the website.
    • The character of the domain name consists of five to eight characters to make remember branding.

  2.  Make Or Buy A Hosting And The Platform Website
    To make good hosting, you should take a step, for example:
    • Making a creative website company profile to introduce our business product.
    • If we don’t know all about hosting, we can find the information about hosting service. There is some package that can we buy depend on the package facilities.
    • We can take our portfolios such as product photos, articles or videos.

  3.  Customizing Our Website Within Setup And Edit
    After we buy hosting for the website company profile, we get a response in our email. In our email, the instruction asks us to fill the user and password for login as a new member. There are some steps in this procedure as the following:
    • We login to the menu service area then we click on c-panel. We can write the user name and password that we got from our email.
    • After login and set up the website, we should install our SSL Certificate. To install it, you can click
      on Private keys > Certificate Signing Request > Certificates > Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)
    • Installing a CMS- Content Management System within Softaculous. If we are using Softaculus, we can make setup the website efficiently.
    • Customizing our website by creating some themes for modifying our website. There is some type of theme and design. We can select themes and designs that relate to our business product.

  4.  Making An Interesting Website Content
    After making business website for our company profile, we can make website content and design. To write interesting content, we may need SEO to make interesting keywords in the text. We should give an interesting title to make our consumers read our website content. If we want to customize the website, we should log in to Content Management System.
   That the steps to make an efficient website for our business. The website is an important media to promote business advertisements for our business product. It is not a very difficult way to make a simple website because we can make it easier if we know the procedure first.

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